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Magnus Bratt

Ateljé 413

Kungl. Akademien för de fria konsterna

/ The Royal Academy of Fine Arts /

Jakobsgatan 27 C

111 52 Stockholm




Phone: 0046 73 567 39 56




Finished work in maj 2018


Eva Ekeblad new copy -18






Fredrik adolf copy by Magnus Bratt Roslincopy by Magnus Bratt









Läckö Castle with five big copys painted by Magnus Bratt


The newspaper SVENSKA DAGBLADET made an item about Magnus 1985


Studiophotos from copying

Finished copy of the Battle by Rhein

Battle of Rhein





Copying the Battle of Breitenfeld

Breitefeld twice with Magnus Bratt

To left the cut original now in castle of Karlberg-Stockholm and to the rigtht the copy

wih new sky , now in Läckö Castle -Västergötland (3 meter x 3 meter)

The copyingtime for this painting lasted three years 1989 -1992

The Ateljé is inside the castle of Uriksdal where the Nationalmuseum had a studio for copying,

and used to be the billiard room of Karl XV.



















Magnus Bratt, artist- Studio 413 - The Royal Academy of Fine Arts - Stockholm- SWEDEN


Phone: 0046735673956